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September 2013 Home Normal Mix by offthesky

September 9th, 2013 (12:23 pm)

September 2013 Home Normal Mix by offthesky by Home Normal on Mixcloud

Melodium – Palimpse [2010]

February 25th, 2010 (10:31 pm)


Fjordne - Light Passed On Through the Layer [semlabel, 2009]

July 23rd, 2009 (05:59 pm)


01 To the surface
02 Passing the blue

We are proud to announce a new Fjordne release on IOD, Light passed on through the layer.

Shunichiro Fujimoto aka Fjordne, is a Tokyo-based musician who already released ambient works on label such U-Cover, Dynamophon, Ryoondo Tea or Moteer. Well known for his skills, Shunichiro offers us a gorgeous lightened Ep revealing a deep sense of poetry.

Ben Woods - Moments [2009]

July 12th, 2009 (08:30 pm)


Ben Woods' fourth release "Moments" is a haunting meditation on solitude and recollection. Following in the creative vein of his last album, "Nymh: Realms of Detachment," it engulfs the listener in a welcoming wash of processed piano and strings, leaving plenty of room for solemn introspection or blissful repose.

Crystal clear production and delicately arranged layers continue to mark Ben's dedication and passion. The evolution of his creativity will astound all who have followed his progression from the accessible piano melodies of "A Collection of Thoughts" and "Liaise in Silence" to the cathartic drones of "Nymh: Realms of Detachment" and now, "Moments.

this review by Jim Phillips

Ödland - The Caterpillar (aer018) [2009]

June 6th, 2009 (12:15 pm)


1. The Caterpillar 4:45
2. Les yeux de l'oiseau 4:35
3. La chanson du parasite 4:22
4. Sur les murs de ma chambre 5:16
5. Mathilde Rossignol 5:57

"Dear friends. We are Ödland. We hope you will like our music. There will be perhaps squeakings of teeth and some lovers among you. We are inspired by the 19th Century and what you could listen at this time. But we keep a modern spirit and we are not slaves of a particular style. Our concern is above all to meet you with shows, because our music is entirely acoustic. We hope to travel as much as possible. Take care of you. Regards.

Lorenzo Papace was born the 15th january 1986 in Lyon. He started to learn classical piano at the age of 4. Since 2001, he joined many musical groups, with an orchestra or with bands. At december 2008, he decided to make his own musical project, entirely acoustic. At january 2009, started the first Ödland group repetitions.
Lorenzo called upon Alizée Bingöllü, actress, with whom he already realized some short movies. Alizée is the Ödland voice. Isabelle Royet-Journoud is a photographer, and wished to explore other creation territories. She is playing ukulele and creating sounds environments with toys and little things. Léa Bingöllü is a violonist, and was immediatly attracted by Ödland's world.
The music band is inspirated by some musical movements wich animated the 19th century, like romantism, russian new classicism and american ragtime, jazz ancestor. But his true power is the spontaneousness of people who discover the music as an other means of creating.
Ödland is an absolutly acoustic project, shifted in the entirely numerical era. It is neither traditional nor reactionary. It is just in love with little mistakes you can find in a living group. It preaches a return to old things forgotten too quickly by the current music. Ödland has just released his first EP The Caterpillar. Ödland is working with Aerotone netlabel for allow a free download for this EP. They are now working on a great album project."

sinner dc - crystallized [ai, 2009]

May 16th, 2009 (08:40 pm)


05. V

On April 20th, 2009 the world will be spoiled with a new Sinner DC album titled "Crystallized", ..the world is not ready/worthy. Sinner DC has been massaging my ear muscles with their soothing brand of laid back electronica since 2005's "Arkle Parkle Avenue". As far as music representing "a distant, but not too far, future" Sinner DC takes the cake.

Sinner DC have outdone themselves yet again. The production values on "Crystallized" are beyond anything you could ever imagine for any electronic band out there today. Its, deep, spacey, and drenching in emotional electric intelligence.. Generally I would compare Sinner DC to Home Video meets Underworld, on this one I would change that to "M83 meets Depeche Mode". Society, in general, can’t really lose too many more points from me. But if it(society) doesn’t take on to the fact of how amazing Sinner DC(ridiculously overlooked paragon) is, they will indeed, lose more.

Here is my track, by track review for Crystallized;
1 GO FOR THE STEAM: Very spacey, great intro, sets the canvas for the rest of the album
2 ANYWAY: Sampled backwards guitar loop, long deep synth, lingering horn section, amazing vocals one of the BEST Sinner DC songs I've ever heard.
3 GOLDEN HORSES: Almost "ravey/weird/droney" guitar loop, bizarre sampled "clicks", breathy vocal samples, spacey synths
4 THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE: "Depeche Mode style bass line", more lingering horns, tiny keyboard bursts, white noise, 4 count.. Blast this in your car, and go faaaaaaaaaast..
5 V: Weird synth "blurbles", 4 count click, spaaacey, "slow-motion under water travel music"..
6 SUNRIZED: Sustained guitar loop sounds, keyboard arpegiations, train-like synth bass line, deep kick, shaky snare, 4 count claps ..soak it in
7 GLASS ALLEY: Thick, dramatic, M83 inspired synths layered over more layers of synth, with vocals, a pulsating bass line, and an upbeat dance groove, ..still laid back
8 DIGITAL DUST: Catchy/great synths, amazingly lush and spacey, beautiful “aaahhhs” “oohs” and vocals that kick in ..oh man, throbbing kick, snares/clicks/claps, file this one under AHHH inspiring..
9 COAST: Good "catch your breathe from the albums over dynamic awesomeness" kinda song. Very chill.

My main complaint with this album, is that it ends...
Overall though, if you're a fan of Sinner DC you will no-doubt be happy with this release. And here's my campaign for those of you that haven't graced your souls with Sinner DC; Buy the album, don't like it? ..I'll buy it from you.

I feel comfortable saying this album could, and should be, for everybody. A SURE candidate for best music of 2009. Sinner DC are imaginative futurists willing to take you on a sensual ride through space, and time. Put your headphones on, there's a rave in space, you're invited...and it's going to be a GOOOOD trip.

Standout Tracks: ALL OF THEM (i need more), but ESPECIALLY.. Anyway, The Medium Is The Message, Sunrized, Digital Dust,

36 - hypersona [3six, 2009]

May 7th, 2009 (05:46 pm)


01 Signal
02 2249
03 Inside
04 Intercept
05 The Box
06 Nephyr
07 Beacon
08 Hypersona
09 Juliet
10 Dream Window
11 Forever
12 Untitled

"Hypersona" is the debut release by 36 for his fledgling label, 3six Recordings. Produced over a span of 3 years, it represents the first in a series of three planned albums under the 36 alias.

Unfathomably rich textures combine with delicate instrumentation, and the ghostprint of lost transmissions struggle for their right to be heard. The cold warmth of radio static rushes the heart, whilst the tender melodies break it into a thousand pieces. Always beautiful, but with an unnerving sense of malice, "Hypersona" is like a twisted fairytale, where the outcome is never certain and light must always cast a shadow.

Drawing upon countless influences, but expressed in a personal, honest voice, "Hypersona" is a distinctive, original work, which ignores trends and sits comfortably in a space without time and place.

jon hopkins - insides [Double Six, 2009]

April 20th, 2009 (05:29 pm)


1 The Wider Sun
2 Vessel
3 Insides
4 Wire
5 Colour Eye
6 Light Through The Veins
7 The Low Places
8 Small Memory
9 A Drifting Up
10 Autumn Hill

Whether it be the gloomy Maritime ambiance of “The Wider Sun,” or the layered funk of “Wire,” Jon Hopkins’ third studio album is a tremendous expansion on 1990’s electronica, offering 10 tracks that comfortably balance sounds with contrasting musical textures. Fortunately, Insides is far more consistent than Hopkins’ resume as of late: most recently the musician was heavily involved with Coldplay’s unbearable Prospekt’s March EP, co-producing a pair of tracks and adding electronics and a variety of other instruments to two others.Coming across as a bit of an homage to the likes of BT and Leftfield, “Wire” sees Hopkins bouncing the song’s beats off one another before smothering the track with pounding synth and bass. Insides goes far deeper than surface-level electronica however, as “Small Memory” adds a defeated piano ballad, and “Light Through The Veins” unravels over the course of nine minutes, the song steeped with M83-styled progressions (without the added flair of aloof female singers, mind you). Having hawked songs to such shows as Sex and the City and MTV’s Dismissed, Hopkins clearly has a knack for creating music with an easy entry point, but Insides balances sounds in a way that suggests that there is so much more lurking below the surface. Now if only he could lay off the Coldplay. by Chris DeLine culturebully

meanderthals - desire lines [smalltown supersound 2009]

April 5th, 2009 (01:56 pm)


01 Kunst or Ars
02 Desire Lines
03 Andromeda (Prelude to the Future)
04 1-800-288-SLAM
05 Collective Fetish
06 Lasaron Highway
07 Bugges Room

Urban dictionary defines Meanderthals as "people who wander around aimlessly and always seem to get in your way in stores and supermarkets, chatting on their cell phones and paying no attention to their surroundings." To dance fans, however, the name will take on a new meaning in May as beardo disco fiends Idjut Boys and Norwegian maestro Rune Lindbæk have donned the name for a new recording project. And, yes, they've already got a full-length done.

The name? Desire Lines. The label? Smalltown Supersound. The date? May 5th. The trio worked throughout 2008, recording live in their London and Oslo studios, calling in the talents of Pete Z, Des Morgan, Per Martinsen (AKA Mental Overdrive) and more throughout the undoubtedly Balearic-tinged proceedings. And while we haven't heard the results yet, we're guessing that the PR's description of the tunes as a "blend of dub, folk, prog, kraut, psychedelia and 70s west-coast" is pretty much right on the money.


10-20 - 10-20 [highpoint lowlife, 2009]

March 26th, 2009 (05:58 pm)


1 milvus 6:25
2 nei 4:55
3 jjuvxszla 6:22
4 wdtrhjvelgrad 6:50
5 InB 6:20
6 arcadeagle 8:06
7 sA 6:12
8 unde 5:16

10-20 hails from Devon, a county best known for lush, green hills, windswept moors, seaside resorts and clotted cream teas. What it’s definitely not known for is claustrophobic, dense urban darkness and grinding industrial grime even though the south west of England was the birthplace of steam power – Thomas Newcomen, who built steam powered beam engines to pump water from tin mines, was born in Dartmouth in 1664.

10-20’s self-titled debut album harks back to Newcomen’s machines in places. Both “nei” and “jjuvxszla” (all the tracks have titles that suggest 10-20’s pet moggy was walking across his laptop at the time) are underpinned by percussive loops that suggest mighty industrial machines. Around the central rhythms, a thick soup of electronic clicks, booming bass pulses and general babble coalesce. There is melody, but it is sketched and implied rather than out front.

“wdtrhjvelgrad” (“and now on Top of the Pops it’s 10-20 and a number called ‘wdtrhjvelgrad’” - doesn’t quite work, does it) is full of asynchronous beats and twisted rhythms with a simple, cracked synth line for colour, and tortured vocal samples. Best of all is “InB” which finds a rare beauty amongst the dirt. A thudding pulse, fizzing molten drips and squelching electronic tones are overlaid by a delicious minor key melody and what sounds like a distorted fairground pump organ.

This is quite a challenging work, but there is something hypnotic about it, despite its rhythmic complexities. Pertinent comparisons could be made to Pan Sonic and Autechre, but there is more of a sense of dirty fingernails and oily boiler-suits about it than white-coated technicians. It feels more akin to engineering and industry than to pure science. It’s a claustrophobic work with occasional shafts of sunlight gleaming through, but nevertheless hugely engaging. It’s certainly one of the most original electronic albums I’ve heard for a while – I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from 10-20 whoever he or she may be.


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